Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet the Princess

and her friends. Iliana was the unsuspecting victim of yet another homemade gift by Sunny.

There was a dvd, too- just to keep it a little normal. Well. It was Yo Gabba Gabba. Nothing normal there.

Clothespins, clear caulk, yarn and teeny scraps of fabric. Bedroll is made from one 9"x12" piece of felt, folded and sewn to create little bedding channels for the for the girls- with a scrap of hem tape (?) to tie. I enjoyed this process way more than I care to admit.


Anonymous said...

Girl - you. need. a. store.

In fact, I saw the cutest little space on 4th street... Brady's office in the back... the Nedster chillin' (or not) in the 'living room'...

Come! I'll help! :)

Sunny said...

ohhhh.... don't tempt me!

The Little Brenner Family said...

I agree with Sharon! You are amazing!!