Friday, September 04, 2009

They're Getting A Drink of Water...

Waaaaayyyy back in March, the kiddos got really into the plastic animals+dinosaurs. So I had this brilliant idea (my brilliant ideas...) to have them make a cool kind of mat/ background that would be like a landscape for the animals. Blogged here. But once the mat was complete, they wanted it to be a museum, and they wanted walls and doors and trees and things. So, the best I could come up with for walls were pieces of (recycled) cardboard- which they painted beautifully. But they have proven to not be very stable, much less sturdy. And they look kind of ugly hanging out in the playroom- like the recycling made a run for it.

So, friends and possibly strangers- any ideas on what inexpensive (preferably free), durable, safe and easy to paint on material might make decent walls?
Or is it time to toss the walls and turn the mat into a floorcloth? I think it would make a nice one. In a Helen Frankenthaler kind of way.


Anonymous said...

I remember the mat into museum post, but for some reason reading this one just brought back cascades of early K-hood memories!!!!
We used felt when she was small and also going thru a plastic/wooden animal phase. We made a 'pasture' of green... a lake of deep blue... and brown, of course, for dirt. We could then pop it into a ziplock for storage. She used those felt landscapes for ages! Just simple things - shapes really. A blue kidney bean. A green square. A large brown rectangle... Also works great to cover toilet paper/paper towel tubes and make trees or critters.

Sunny said...

I like the felt idea- a lot more containable, and when they have lost interest, just cut them up and craft them into a new creation.