Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tuesdays are for Overcoming Fears and Windmill/Pump/Wells

Finally, we went to Parky's Farm. In high school, my friend, the most imaginative I've ever met, had this story about Parky's Farm- something like it was a commune/cult for midgets, and when you went there, they drilled a hole in the back of your neck and brainwashed you. So, I just never really wanted to go. Call me crazy. Also I thought I didn't like Winton Woods. I thought this because I only have ever been to the harbor part. Oh, and also in high school we went camping there, and a drunk guy tried to do kung fu on us. I forget why. I think he wanted us to give him a ride to the drive thru. But the western side of the park is so nice.
All this to say I am so grateful that a fellow blogging 'nati mum gave her stamp of approval, and so finally I gathered my courage, ready to defend my son against the drill toting midgets.
But all we found was perfect weather, a late summer garden, lots of charming farm animals- and the highlight- a windmill/well/pump. I practically had to pry Edward off of it. That last picture is of him gesturing (pantomiming? what's the word?)how the pump works.

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