Monday, October 19, 2009

The Girl Who Blogs About Goats (and Foxes and Mommies and George Clooney)


We went to a pumpkin patch... but didn't see the pumpkins. Instead, we fed goats. And did some other stuff, but the pictures weren't that great. I have an inordinate number of goats on this blog. No time to search them all out now, but I think I will be adding a goat label soon.
So, as I have mentioned in the past, there is not much even-keeled in me, this life. I love it or hate it, all or nothing, black or white. So my absence is also in part due to my diving headlong into the Events Manager position for a local (but part of a national) mothers' group. It's called Cincinnati Mommies. There are other mommies groups all over the country- and it's a pretty neat place. The idea is, you get to meet people on a forum and figure out if they are friend material, and then you also have many opportunities to meet up in person and make new real-life friends (as opposed to make believe internet friends).
If you are a mama looking for other mama friends and you are in Cincinnati- go to here, if you are elsewhere, go to here. It's for working mums as well as SAHMs- and even if you don't have time to come play, you can still get a lot of helpful q&a on the forums.
Back to goats. I was going somewhere. We also went to see Where the Wild Things Are. And while I'm not sure it was fair to have marketed it to children... it was a really great movie. One that takes a bit of chewing on, though. It was there that I saw a preview for another movie that I really must see- The Fantastic Mr. Fox (based on a Roald Dahl book). And George Clooney. And Jason Schwatzman. And, did I mention Wes Anderson directs? What could be better?
NOW... for the goats, the other movie I want to see is The Men Who Stare at Goats. George Clooney+Goats. See? There is a theme here.
Sort of...
Happy Tuesday, anyway :)


Eralda LT said...

Yes, yes, and yes on all three of those movies. I cannot wait to see the wild things. Did E. go to watch it with you? Is it safe for Jack?

Congrats on being an events manager. so fun!
And, goats are funny. I remember you in Searcy talking about goats eating everything and me responding:

"Do they eat human flesh?" Bryan still laughs at me for that. good memories :)

Maryl said...

Saw WTWTA with Nick, Collin, and Iliana. Agreed - it's not a kids movie. Not because it's scary, but because the themes are too deep. I even had to think about which monster represented what person, emotion, etc. C & I liked the monsters but that is all they got out of it. I don't even think Mackenzie would have picked up on the symbolisms. Anyway, I liked it as a movie for grown-ups...and the fox movie looks interesting. I'm glad I have grandkids so I have an excuse to go to such films.


OMG!!! I have not heard anything about this Clooney Goat movie and it totally the most exciting thing that has come my way in many a blue little moon :))

wow. I'm so almost happy-like I think I'll just go to bed! ahhhh.... ;)

sleep deprived mommy said...

I find this so funny .... another friend of mine was talking about goats today on her FB page. She was wishing she had a goat to eat the unwanted vegetation that had invaded her garden.

(and you're just about the best darn Events Manager I've ever seen!)

Sunny said...

Eralda- I remember that conversation! I miss those Eralda-isms :) No, we didn't take Edward. He loves the book, but I read somewhere that it wasn't really a kids movie. I think they marketed it that way to increase ticket sales- but like Maryl said, it would have been hard for even a 10 year old to really appreciate it.

Maryl- I, too, am grateful to have a kiddo to justify reading children's books and watching children's movies :)

Sharon- you love Goerge, to???

Renee- goats are the handiest of animals. If we had to mow our lawn, I would totally just get a goat. Being Events Manager is not so hard- seeing as I haven't managed a single even, yet :)

Turtles To Start said...

oh sunny. we are such kindred spirits...i am also on the mommies network here. & we planned to take naomi to WtWTA, but heard adult reviews that advised us against it. In a few years, now we'll stick to the book. & the other movie mentions are on my must see list as well. and goats--don't get me started on goats.