Friday, October 16, 2009



While we are on the subject of apples...
Sometimes I think that the time I spend on the internet is a total waste. And maybe it is. But... in the midst of Edward's ninth meltdown of the morning- and it's only 8:50... I decided that the only way through this day was to say a prayer and make a cake I just saw on one of my favorite blogs. So we did.
And I advise that if you are facing the teeniest bit of adversity in your life. Or if you are dealing with an angst-y or anxious toddler/preschooler/tween/teen/twenty-something/empty-nester/geriatric (or anyone in between)- you should make a cake, too. I made this one. Except I substituted plain yogurt for the oil, white whole wheat flour (King Arthur), and added a heaping tablespoon of ground flax seed- just to alleviate any possible guilt I had about feeding our frustrations. At least we are feeding them nutritiously. And the cake didn't seem to mind the alterations. Although, I have found that when I reduce/eliminate the fat content in a baked good- the item tends to brown more quickly, do keep an eye on it.


sarah said...

we buy king arthur too! (it's totally like the most expensive kind at our store, but we splurge cuz brad likes the design...)

Maryl said...

oh, oh -- he's losing his baby face.