Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry and Bright

Hope you had a super-merry Christmas!
We're high atop a mountain in Western, NC enjoying the nearly 60 degree weather. I will take unseasonably warm over a white Christmas any year! Thank you Santa :)
The ornament is from the very special tree Brady's grandmother dug out last year- and I like to think she did it just for me- it is a 60s circa white tree filled with vintage, and even better- homemade ornaments crafted by her mother (Brady's great grandmother). Apparently as she aged she got grouchier and craftier. Coming across her creations is like finding hidden treasure.
It's going to be hard to not accidentally tuck this one into my suitcase as we are packing up.

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Gremlina said...

envious on so many levels! what a neat way to celebrate--& the mountains of N.C. mmmmmm.