Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I am off to a late start this year, but I gave in and signed up for Elsie and Rachel's Small Craft class, and while over at Elsie's blog I just discovered that Sofia Coppola made a new movie!

Somewhere. Can't wait. I love her best when it comes to movies.

I'm also taking Mary's photo transfer course on Saturday, and thinking hard about getting a haircut. I love Jean Seberg's:

But maybe only have the courage for something like this one right now:

(hair images from this pretty blog)

hmmmm.... what else could a girl want? Stay tuned, I'm sure I will think of something!


Gremlina said...

classes, movie, hair, birthday...it all sounds so good. (& i'm liking the hair one especially, as it infers that mine actually DOES look ok, you can never be too certain compliments aren't false, when it comes to hair)

Sunny said...

I was jealous when I saw your hair. I have been google-imaging "gamine" for months and I saw you and you totally had what I want! But better, because yours is blond and wavy. No false flattery here my friend!

Sharon in Winston said...

oh wow. I have been threatening to do this to my hair for AGES! Kira has been finding picture for me.... this one is awesome :)

Self-induced birthday love is the BEST!

Sunny said...

Let's be brave Sharon! Lacey (Gremlina) did it and it's perfect!

Maryl said...

Just caught up with your blog.
1) I missed your birthday. Crud. hope it was fun
2) Go for the short one. It will be cute on you. Publish pictures.
3) Edward looks and sounds like he is ready for anything.