Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Things Lately

I am totally way behind, but just saw Julie and Julia... so sweet! I so loved the portrayal Julia and Paul's marriage. Also much appreciated were the temper tantrum scenes. I have long thought that I am the only grown woman on the planet that is capable of that kind of behavior. whew!

And The Business of Being Born. It's been on the Instant Que for over a year, and our ice day finally gave me the chance to watch. Brady pretended to work, but I know he was watching, too. And wow... it's a lot to ponder. It definitely answered a lot of questions... not for immediate application or anything, but eye opening.

And Babies (yikes... a theme is emerging). Happiest movie I have ever seen. Ever. When I feel down, this is where I go, and holy... better than a glass of $10 wine. And I'm not even a baby person and I am a wine person.

Oh... speaking of babies, Edward and I were looking at a craft book this morning:
E: That's for babies, and I don't like babies.
Me: Edward, why don't you like babies?
E: Because babies are sweet and I don't like sweet things, I only like cool things.

He knows what he likes.

Also, this pork loin recipe make cooking meat almost pleasant.
The January Issue of Martha is worth the newsstand price. Seriously. How to darn socks, log cabin quilting projects made pretty/modern, birthday parties... pretty, pretty.
And I can never remember how to cook quinoa- this is the link I always go to.


Gremlina said...

some great filmology! BoBB should be required for all young women who may one day have children, maybe followed by Babies--my kids couldn't turn their heads from that one! and Quinoa is so good. M has a great muffin recipe with it for added protein--they are hearty & yum.

Sunny said...

Oh my goodness- seriously! I don't know how affected I would have been before E, but in retrospect, I can definitely see how we are really missing out. The part about oxytocin was really scary!
Found the link for quinoa muffins-
thank you <3