Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Graduate (of preschool)

That's right, he graduated. Final progress report stated that "Edward has great verbal skills." and "He likes to run and climb." It said some other good stuff, too... but those made me laugh. I'm super proud of him, and stunned that Kindergarten is right around the corner.

And here's a little peek at our backyard garden. I'm trying Square Foot Gardening. So far, I've skipped a few important steps (soil composition), so I'm not sure how it's going to go. I am, however, incredibly blessed to have a husband so patient with our weekly trips to the garden center to just pick "just a few things" (read- pounds of manure, compost, potting soil, potted plants and piles of seed packets). I know that it would be a lot more economical to just frequent the Farmers' Markets, but it's just so fun to watch things grow.  Little boys and fledgling gardens!


Lacey said...

quit treating your soil like dirt. sorry. saw that on a guys shirt the other day and i've been waiting for the opportunity... that is an adorable garden plot!

Sunny said...

Haha! Thanks- it looks A LOT different now... I think I might actually harvest a few tomatoes this year!