Sunday, May 06, 2012

Soccer People (for now)

Soccer has taken over our life! But I'm grateful. I really, literally had no idea what we had signed up for with this soccer business. And I still mostly think I should have thought better of it. But 3 nights/ days a week + special clinics, we are at the fields, yelling at Edward to pay attention to his coach and be nice to his teammates.
I'm not sure how much he would like the game if not for the mad post practice feast of Doritos, Go Gurt and Capri Suns. But, he has shown significant progress... most of the kids have figured out which direction to kick the ball- and they even won their first game on Saturday (without the other team scoring for them!). It keeps us busy, it keeps us in the sun, and it's a surprisingly fun family thing to do.
For a couple more weeks at least, I am a soccer mom (eeek!).


Garnet Goldman said...

He sure looks like his mama in this picture! miss you guys so much!

Sharon in Winston said...

welcome to my world! :)
but wow... what a great way to make friends - for all of you!